The new barbecue collection by Sarom
Cooking has never been so beautiful
The King collection was born from the Sarom experience in the outdoor kitchen area and offers a contemporary vision and versatile bbq outdoor metal. Products designed with great care and refined in every detail in order to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding and attentive market.
Shape and color choices enhance the Italian design without compromising performance and ergonomics of the products, the same way the general architecture recalls the traditional archetype of the fireplace.
A project with a strong design content that stimulates sensations for its simplicity, which is why cooking has never been so beautiful.
Choose the version that fits you better
The King collection consists of three models: King compact, smart and King Premium.
All are equipped with castors, rotating grid, ash tray and in the Premium version the hood is made with elegant stainless steel.
Charcoal for cooking or wood for a warm fire to heat the environment make it extremely flexible and unique. You have just to choose the version that fits your taste.
Designed and manufactured in Italy
For us it is not a communication strategy but we are really proud to say "Made in Italy" as the King collection has been designed, developed and manufactured in our country. An ethical and cultural approach that we have tried in to preserve and which allows us to be truly fast and flexible at all stages of the production processes.
Since 1945
Sarom is one of the Italian leader in the production of concrete BBQ and other products for the garden. Innovation, quality and safety have made Sarom and its products a reference company in the world the Mass Market Channel.
Sarom’s staff is highly qualified in the sector of design and industrialization of materials, the internal laboratory is approved, certified and officially recognized by the law. We own technologically advanced production facilities and the wide spaces for internal industrial processes.